Mini Facial   –  $65
Awaken your skin with this simplified treatment. Your skin will be nourished and exfoliated to provide a radiant appearance.

Customized Facial  -  $95 & up
A pampering facial designed for your individual skin care needs. Our Esthetician will analyze and evaluate your skin and use the latest treatments and techniques to not only produce healthy and beautiful skin, but to create a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Oxygen Facial   –  $95
Infuse your skin with the healing and decongesting powers of Oxygen. This anti-bacterial treatment eliminates acne causing bacteria, promotes cell growth and intensifies circulation.

Purifying Facial  -  $90
Revitalize your skin with this deep pore-cleansing facial. The exfoliating effects of AHAs will renew cells and combat congested and aging skin.

Vitamin C Facial   –  $105 (Series of six $580)
Nourish your skin with nature’s own defenses – pure vitamins and AHAs. Abundant with anti-oxidants, this treatment will leave you with lighter, brighter and firmer skin than you’ve ever imagined possible.

Organic Facial   –  $110
Restore your skin’s health with pure organic ingredients. Designed for all skin types, this treatment combines the potent power of anti-oxidants with organic ingredients facilitating a deep, natural healing process.

Phyto Pumpkin Enzyme Facial  -  $90
Revive your skin with this powerful anti-oxidant treatment. The blend of rich nutrients and vitamins will leave your skin looking radiant. Even the most sensitive skins and acne conditions will benefit from this facial.

Gentlemen’s Facial  -  $85
Facials are for men too! This facial is designed to deeply cleanse, purify, extract and exfoliate leaving your skin groomed for success.

Teen Facial  -  $65 (Series of Six $360)
This specialized teen facial is designed to introduce good skin care habits. This deep cleansing and exfoliating treatment improves hormonally imbalanced skin, leaving the skin clear, healthy and radiant. For best results, we recommend a monthly facial for teen skin.

Back Facial  -  $80
This deep cleansing treatment is designed to remove excess oil and congestion. Finishing touches include a revitalizing mask and light moisturizer.